you can save me if you want
just suck the venom out
take it all back
all your bitterness and doubt

let me be who I am
from those lands east and south
that you don’t know anything
almost anything about

you’ll never know
how much I care for you
’cause you only think
what you want

I’ll always love you
no matter what
’cause you’re inside
my heart

Running Red


I was walking down Fifth Avenue

It wasn’t New York, it wasn’t D.C.

Just another dark and empty street

remembering you and me


It’s a little town close to the West Coast

Where a rain falls every once in a while

I was kicking through the fallen leaves

thinking about your sweet smile


Hear me calling out your name

I’m still falling in and out of rain


Then a big black car stopped next to me

It was one of those long stretched out limousines

The driver asked if I new the place

And a short cut through the human race


Don’t know man, I’m not from here

I’m just one of those who don’t belong

Walking aimless, kicking leaves

Slipping through my endless song


Hear me singing about love that’s gone wrong

Lost my anchor like another drifting boat


Here I go again, see me running red

My heart is aching, aching

You say it’s only in my head


Sorry pal I know how you feel

That’s why I drive this long black limousine

Through the streets of sorrow

To find a short cut to tomorrow


But there’s no such thing I find

That’s why I try to avoid the line

Of people making same mistakes

Through the history of time


See me driving, all the lights are green

Nothing is the same way it seems

Once I was like you running red

Now I know it was only in my head


Then one day you end up in Emergency

It felt like you were gonna die

They hook you up to an I.V.

And a fourteen hundred dollar bill


There’s nothing wrong with you, son

You’re fine

Don’t worry you ain’t yet gonna die

You seem a bit too tired

Like you have crossed a red line


Here I go again…