Death and the Dervish

“I begin my story for nothing, without benefit for myself or anyone else, from a need stronger than benefit or reason. I must leave a record of myself, the chronicled anguish of my inner conversations, in the vague hope that a solution will be found when all accounts have been settled (if they may ever be), when I have left my trail of ink on this paper, which lies in front of me like a challenge. I do not yet know what will be written here. But in the strokes of these letters at least some of what was in me will remain, no longer to perish in eddies of mist as if it had never been, or as if I had never known what happened. In this way I will come to see how I became what I am – this self that is a mystery even to me. And yet it is a mystery to me that I have not always been what I am now…”



you can save me if you want
just suck the venom out
take it all back
all your bitterness and doubt

let me be who I am
from those lands east and south
that you don’t know anything
almost anything about

you’ll never know
how much I care for you
’cause you only think
what you want

I’ll always love you
no matter what
’cause you’re inside
my heart

O Symphony

Oregon Symphony 

7 p.m.Tom McCall Waterfront Park 

“The Oregon Symphony gives a last hurrah to summer and signals the beginning of Portland’s fall arts season with its popular Waterfront Park concert.”

It’s what D. Stabler wrote for The Oregonian.

This is how I saw it before it started. I couldn’t stay to hear the music and see the fireworks, though. Some people said it was great…