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Photos Without Borders: Colombia


Selime. Cappadocia. Turkey.

There are no words to describe Cappadocia. Or there are only a few. Like NOTW. But then again, it is of this world. It was right before my eyes, I was in it. One could also say it is amazing, but then that adjective sounds overused, as it became a synonym for “wow!” And I don’t think Cappadocians had ever intended on wowing anybody. They were rather hiding from somebody, and one should leave their mystery be. Whether it was the hoards of Ottomans, or extraterrestrials, playing whack-a-mole hitting people as they pop up from their holes to catch a breath of fresh air, let’s leave it up to our imagination and whatever else we use to picture unknown possibilities.

I am not even going to show you the photos of famous Göreme or Ürgüp where most of the people go. Au contraire, here are the photos of the little village Selime situated in Ihlara Valley beneath a spectacular monastery. As one needed to pay a large fee to climb and see it (large for me, a modest traveler), I wandered around the ancient village, stumbling upon the local chickens, and the shadows of a few ghosts disappearing in their doorways. Later on, our group ended up in a restaurant by the little river spending our entrance fees on a lavish banquet, Turkish style.

Recently I have found a 360 photo of the monastery itself, which I include here for your convenience. Enjoy!,0.03,109.9