LIKE WHAT YOU DO. DO WHAT YOU LIKE…How many of us are that lucky today? Most people are happy to have a job and pay a big stack of bills. There goes your dignity and integrity. It’s about caring through good times and bad, but caring for what and who? Your significant one that is not happy with his wage-slaving schedule? He or she should have studied more to have a better job. What is a better job? A doctor, a lawyer, a pharmacist, a car dealer, an engineer, a business analyst, an artist, a Buddhist? Oh, sorry…I forgot that Buddhist is not a job—it’s a belief, a lifestyle, religion? So what do you believe in? Is your nature founded in Judeo-Christian values, or satanic values, or no values at all? If you believe in love, friendship, and decency—are those universal values, or custom made, based upon your social status, which again loops back to the values mentioned above? So then, whoever loops the loop, he’s home free? Ah, another one of those simple four-letter words that shrink our emotions into love, fuck, free…golf, anyone? See, looping the loop brought me to…golf. What is all that about—chasing a ball with a stick across the acres of neatly combed green grass of home? How many people don’t have a luxury to own a backyard, because of all those fields of green reserved for the stick & ball chasers? And that would be bearable, almost, had they not chased profit at the same time. They are not just after money—they are after the money that makes more money. So that they can keep chasing their hard balls with a stick, while Joe Blow smokes a cigarette on a diminished designated little patio, a hard day’s night, before he gets up and does it again…because he has a dream. He is a dignified steel worker. The world needs more steel. And concrete. Well, maybe those hardball chasers should envision the possibility of the green fields disappearing altogether…


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