The Misir Market

Third Country

After we got stuck surrounded by rainbows of spices, scarves, rugs, Turkish delights, all sorts of nuts, copper coffee pots, cascades of people gushed forth as if coming through the holes drilled in a dam that kept them floating in some kind of theGreat Lakes of Sustainable Humanity. Otherwise, when unleashed and set free, they are as disoriented as farmed fish. The only way to get out was buying something everywhere we stopped, and thus pay our way through a navel of trade, where it seemed to be the only purpose of the human race. Above one fridge it was written in Spanish:


Here we cheat less than the British Royal Court and have better quality than Carrefour or the British Royal Court, and we also carry poison for your mother-in-law… 

People made and crafted amazing stuff; people built up this ancient bazaar to stock and put it on…

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