Hit The Nail On…The Tail



Deep thinking is connecting the misplaced dots and forgotten thoughts maybe, but it’s also a form of deep-sea fishing, catching that shiny marlin…

Googling about what kind of fish one catches while deep-sea fishing is how I discovered David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish…

As he nicely put it: ideas are like fish; if you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper…

By going deeper he means experiencing a deeper, more expanded state of consciousness…

One could then also mention Deep-water drilling, as Chevron’s $500m platform situated about 130 miles (208km) southeast of New Orleans is named after Petronius, Roman philosopher. The rig is a compliant tower and is the largest mindboggling freestanding structure in the world at 2,010ft. It is two times taller than the Eiffel tower, in accordance with the Olympic maxim in Latin: citius, altius, fortius (quicker, larger, stronger). But using Petronius is a bit of an ironic twist here, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Was it a coincidence, or one purposely named the largest oilrig in the world after the author of Satyricon, as if one knew exactly what he was doing (or not)?

If put in a parallel, both Bosnians and Americans come from melting pots, but our blend is at least a thousand years older, undergoing many bloody adjustments, many unwanted wars, learning to live with it ever moving on, laughing at our own expense, discussing serious subjects in a spirit of ridicule—in the vein of Menippean Satire (Petronius) mocking mental attitudes like “pedants, bigots, cranks, parvenus, virtuosi, enthusiasts, rapacious and incompetent professional men of all kinds,” hitting a nail on the tail at times on purpose, so that other, notably self-absorbed big nations, could realize absurdity of their vanity and arrogance…

Know thy self first; overcome your nationality, hence mixed cultures have different visions, given that they have traveled far recognizing the pieces others left behind during different periods, before and after ice ages, respectfully accepting what they never seen and heard of before. Once we’re born, it’s definitely important to be proud of our French cheese, or Italian pasta, but it’s also important to accept and enjoy both, without even comparing their greatness, which would be like comparing apples and pears anyway.

The question here is what little nations have to be proud of, if they don’t have French Wine, German Mercedes, or American Apple?

They still shouldn’t be looked down on because of it…

Bosnians might have their Plum Brandy and various pies, but does it really have to be anything manufactured?

Let’s remember Kaplan’s Law of the Instrument:

Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.

Big boys should know by now the hammer is not the only tool we have, so we don’t have to treat everything as if it were a nail…



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