Which Cover Do You Like Better?



10 thoughts on “Which Cover Do You Like Better?

    • Thank you, Doris, it’s the original one. I have just recently read some tips on improving sales by changing covers, but it turns out that the existing one has caught your eye 🙂

      • Really how interesting, actually it is true you can attract readers through covers, when I am at the book store sometimes the cover gets my attention, just to find a book I have already read. 😉
        Maybe you can combine to covers in one. For example like the picture of the first one too and combine it with the one you already have. Or include the color of the one you have with another cover so it can have continuity. The Ideas can be endless; I guess for me, if you need help with the design I can help.

      • That would be great, if you could help, Doris, thanks!
        Well, I don’t really know how to combine pictures of 1. and 3.
        Actually, how about you do it the way you see it?
        I think that would be interesting…

  1. Definitely the first! Being a self-proclaimed antiquarian, things like those tend to electrify me. I think it’s because of reminiscent old objects that to me always appear to tell a great story. About the cart, I think Theodora is talking about that wheeled thing on which all those beautiful objects are. 😀

    • Oh, now I get it! When she said she was studying it, I thought like at the university! OMG! That’s why I was confused – I thought the cart was short for something…
      Of course, it’s the cart on the photo! It’s mainly why I took it – because of all the things on it! Thanx 🙂

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