A Two-Legged Wardrobe

As if high on clean mountain air, Love walks on a rope tied between Faith and Hope: a rope at times loose, depending on the firmness of both sides.

Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of men, said Nietzche. For that to blame is more those who give crumbs of it as if feeding pigeons that peck like robots. It’s equal to crumbling into pebbles a rock of punishment above someone’s head.

Apparently, they feed them until they’re symbolically grown into white doves of peace, which only becomes a metaphorical gavage-based break between wars. There is no lasting Peace without Love.

Love helps Hope and Faith to become one, and in the end it resembles, if you wish, Holy Trinity. But it only resembles it, since the real one consists of Love, Freedom, and Truth, independent from one another, while Hope, Faith, and Love mutually support each other so that all three of them could survive.

Freedom doesn’t need Hope, and Faith either. The same goes with Truth. They exist of their own accord. One beautiful, the other sharp, and Love is strong as long as Hope and Faith are mutually inclusive.

Indeed, Love sprouts out of the purity of an emotion inspired by beauty, which again is impossible without genuine goodness and freedom of a person to feel anything.

After that come Hope and Faith in the eternity of an enchanting moment. One wants it to last, while it exists only in the present, which ticks steady as long as we’re totally aware of it.


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