real life happens where roaches swarm the wooden floors

where love greets you smiling and then walks away into a warm night

after the sun goes down red pierced by one of the minarets

you wake up before it is reborn

like an ancient phoenix from its own ashes

scattered over the burnt-orange fields

you are to board a plane once more and go

back where the sun only comes sad to cry every once in a while

as you walk through wet green carpets up to your knees

in your heart you carry holes like a tumbleweeding wheel of swiss cheese

there’s never enough dreams to fill them up

you choke up on random screams stuck up in your throat

it’s the same old pain only this time enhanced and advanced

it presses you on all sides inside-out

almost as if you were dying

but you’re still breathing

and remembering

how it all started out of the blue

and now it’s blue all over

she said she loved you just like a child

and she begged you to love her back

the same way

taken aback you waited for the right words

to jump off your lips as if they were windblown cliffs

thirsty she drank them up before they became sweet drops

and now they keep coming on like a salty sea of tears


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