Truth is like a woman—the more seducing she is, the more you want to see her naked, and when she finally takes her clothes off, it’s a total surrender to Love or Lust. Then it depends how much in love or lust you are, or both. In any case, if people walked around unclothed, Truth would be more obvious. Therefore the unadulterated beauty of Nature doesn’t stop to amaze us with its divine simplicity at times verging on the sublime brutality. It keeps changing its clothes constantly. Even during the winter, after all the leaves have fallen off and most of the trees look like skeletons, there are still evergreens around to admire until eruptions occur followed by earthquakes, and the face of Earth is burnt out and scarred like a feisty centenarian lady still full of life—yet not stark naked. You are to dig beneath the surface to discover pure fire churning like lava. And that leads you to the birth of a star. When all the veils are removed, the truth is a single atom made of the nucleus and the electron cloud, and most of it is just empty space.


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