It’s a Throw Away World

My neighbor Jim s the old school.

A true seventy-something old American not believing in plastic.

He can fix anything as long as it involves screws.

If you own an old Chevy or a Dodge, you’re in luck.

Don’t come to him with the computer in your car.

He won’t deal with a multiprocessing microprocessor based engine control system. 

Or any system at all.

He won’t buy a pig in a poke.

After my dad died we sold his truck to square away the funeral costs.

Otherwise it was a handy little custom made Toyota that could pretty much carry

a ton of anything.

So now when we need some mulch for our backyard, we ask Jim for help.

His face had red spots as if it was a breakout of some sort.

He used Efudex to give his skin a second chance. 

He was not supposed to get out in the sun, but he did it anyway.

We drove down to Mc Farlane’s.

The King of Mulch.

Money in, money out, laughed Jim.

It’s a gold mine, he raised his voice to outsing his rumbling Dodge.

His hearing was bad.

I told him about the article I read:


Anton Komat argues that our atmosphere is not overheating, but that we, conversely, are on the threshold of a new cooling of the planet Earth.

What then is causing the problem?

“Philosophy of unlimited economic growth of gross domestic product. The only example that is comparable in nature with this crazy economy is cancer. For cancer we know how it ends. Kills the host and itself. The world will only save zero growth, stationary economy. We’ll have to use only what nature can regenerate and we recycle. And that does not produce an endless mountain of waste and irreversible wasting resources. Better would be to produce quality goods that can be maintained and serviced. Now we have things that we buy and throw in less than a year! ”

And if our leaders are aware of that?

“Of course not. Just look at how they solve the financial crisis. The way it spread: by increasing spending. The people in times of economic crisis and unemployment can not be forced to spend even more! The economic crisis and humanity only the stationary economy can save. The model for it exists, the German economists made it during the oil crisis of the seventies. ”

It opened a can of warms.

We talked about the food companies and the drug companies.

We’re all on a treadmill!

Jim motioned with his hand as if covering the whole world.

He slowed down, as we passed by a school zone and a speed sign.

You never know with these…

He mentioned one of his friends paying a fee for driving at 30 mph.

They got it tricky to rob you!

Then I remembered another article talking about fetuses in food.

Which Companies Are Using Aborted Human Fetuses in Their Food?

‘Last week, Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey introduced a bill that would ban “the manufacture or sale of food or products which use aborted human fetuses.” But which foods or products use aborted human fetuses? Let’s investigate…’

Jim thought his hearing was worse than usual, so he leaned toward me.


Fetuses in food!

I wish I took a photo of his face.

I had my camera, but I guess he’d be even more puzzled.

I told him I read it on the Internet.

I omitted mentioning Pink Slime.

Are you sure? 

Sometimes there’s a lot of crap there… You can’t believe everything they tell you these days…

I don’t know, I said, anything’s possible…

There are seven billion people to feed.

And they all keep buying crap and hoarding it!

We agreed that to better the economy one is to produce good stuff that lasts longer.

It’s a throw away world!

He smiled like a boy.

I wouldn’t like to be young today! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

It’s how we arrived at Mc Farlane’s.

The Gold Mine.

There, one paid to deposit brush, and then one paid to pick it up mulched.

Money in, money out.

The best fuel economy ever.



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