North – South



Among the many stories of the Cherokee is one that tells of the attracting and repelling of energies of the opposite directions. The North decided to take a trip, so he thought of going to the South. He had fun in the warm direction and met the daughter of the South. She was so beautiful that he wanted to marry her and take her to his home. The South was not pleased with the North coming so far South, because he was too cold. The South told his daughter that she would have to go back with the North, because he could not be allowed to stay very long in the South, or otherwise the South would freeze. Well, she agreed to go home with him to the ice houses and Ice people.

After a few days, the ice houses started to melt, and the Ice People were sweating. The Ice people called for council with the North to let him know that his beautiful bride would have to return to the South; otherwise, in time, the entire North would eventually melt away. While sad, the North knew the council was right; but days would pass and the North became hotter. The council met again and said, “She is the daughter of the South, she must return to where she grew up. Her nature is warm, and that is where she belongs, in the South.” Well, the North was very sad, but he sent her home to her family in the South. To this day, the North sneaks a brief trip toward the South to touch his beautiful bride living in the South. I also heard that she sometimes sneaks a trip toward the North, but only long enough to not melt the Ice People and their houses. They are always glad to see the north smile with sunshine, but only for a short time.

From Medicine of the Cherokee.


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