Have you died to your animal nature yet, and come to life as a human incarnation?

To see an old interview with Joseph Campbell on the TV at first felt like an apparition as if seeing ghosts. And then after a few familiar lines that you feel ingrained within like your own bloodline, you start liberating yourself from all the shit that has been overwhelming you. The mere saturation of it was made possible just because the good people like J. C. died and no one replaced them. Just to see and hear him talk made you feel as if your own spiritual father came back alive. A few of his comments made life easier again. You know you’re still surrounded by vultures, but now you see them only as a part of the almighty script. The Animal Nature. That was it. Thank you very much, it was nice to know you, I’m pleased to meet you, but it’s time for a Human Incarnation. Time to get off the merry-go-round and sit down in the quiet shade. Let them monkeys keep jumping around, feed them banana diets! Let them have all the sex they want! Let them steam aping the pistons, doing a lube job! Let them work hard and play harder! Let their big banks cheat them enslaving their democracy! It is time to step off of that crazy carousel and preserve humanity. Otherwise, for the benefit of our eyes, our brains are to be totally hog washed.

Unless appeased, all the warnings about missteps seduce us from the right path. Until we realize that off the beaten track was how, instead of turning corners, we turned in circles.

After J. C. the show went on. Bill Moyers had another guest. A guy from the Reagan’s administration. He calls it all the Crony Capitalism. There is no more Free Market. It’s bought and paid off. There is no more the good old trade controlled by private owners for profit where, after losing, one would walk off in shame tail between their legs. No, brother, one shamelessly comes back for more, scheming you, us. There’s big US paid for by little us. After they talked about the greatness, independence and donations needed for the OPB channel, in the end Bill Moyers asked us nicely to Free Our Democracy.

After that the TV went on about how the world is going to end, and how, out there, there are groups of people called Preppers. They’re getting prepared for it building deep bunkers. Like modern self-contained Cappadocians, living underground for at least six months until whatever ordeal happens on the surface gradually settles down. A sheriff said you don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan. BTW, he’s ready to kill in order to protect his family. Somebody has already stolen his generator.

Time shuts out Eternity.

J.C.’s words still resonate in me blissfully. Everything else has not died to its animal nature yet. I have experienced a full cycle again. I have been recognized and duped at the same time. It’s getting to know and being aware of the both sides of the coin, and then moving on with an open heart, doing whatever fulfills you without seeking recognition.

According to J.C. heroes are those people that try to make difference for others…

Then you’re fearless and desireless.


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